Wire Fencing

Tinsley Wire for farm fencing

Tinsley Wire

Tinsley Barbed Wire for farm fencing consists of two strands of wire twisted together with barbs placed at predetermined distances.

Balcas stakes for farm fencing

Balcas Stakes

Balcas offer an extensive range of unseasoned and preservative pre-treated fencing timbers suitable to support farm wire fencing.

Electric Fencing

Cheetah Electric Fencing

Cheta Electric Fencing

Cheetah Electronics based in Carlow have been manufacturing electric fencers and electric fencing accessories since 1973.
Products include mains powered electric fencers to battery and solar powered fencing units.
They cater for the whole farming community and can provide all your fencing needs.

Forcefield Electric Fencing

Forcefield Energisers

Forcefield offer a wide range of energizers to suit areas from 5 acres to 220 acres.
We make it easy to choose the electric fence energizer to suit your needs.

Wolseley Electric Fencing

Wolseley Electric Fencing

The Mosquito Battery Fencer from Wolsely is a versatile and easy to use battery electric fencer suitable for use in small to medium areas and is ideal for strip grazing. The fencer can be powered by either a 6v dry alkaline battery, 9v dry alkaline battery or by a 12v wet battery (battery is not included) The Mosquito Battery Fencer is simple to set up and is suitable for use with cattle, sheep, goats and horses