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Top 5 Range from Germinal Seeds
Top 5 Extend contains the highest performing varieties on the Teagasc Pasture Profit Index – AberGain, Dunluce and AberChoice. Top 5 Extend, is designed to deliver increased animal performance through its exceptional quality varieties and extend the grazing season, meeting the demands of intensive grassland farmers.
Top 5 Grazing is ideally suited to rotational grazing or set stocking, but also offers the potential for a heavy silage cut in late May. Top 5 Grazing will result in a dense leafy sward suited to intensive production systems.
Top 5 Silage is a superior quality silage mixture. Designed for the livestock farmer aiming for two heavy silage cuts with exceptional quality aftermath grazing.
Germinal are market leaders. We invest time and resources in consistently improving our knowledge of seed development and our ability to project and plan for the future. We are building unique relationships across the farming community, giving us valuable perspective.
Quality herbage lies at the heart of a sustainable livestock farming system. Whether grazed or ensiled the variety and quality of herbage available to Dairy, Beef or Sheep farmers can often be the route to efficient production and the key to long term success.