Animal Doses

Flukiver products at Tuam Mart Store

Flukiver 5% Oral Drench is a highly effective orally administered treatment against immature and mature fluke, larval stages nasal bot fly in sheep. Flukiver 5% Oral Drench also fights against immature and adult stages of haemonchus contortus, including benzimidazole resistant strains. It has also been found at the time of treatment that ticks feeding on the sheep produce fewer viable eggs.

Endopluke products at Tuam Mart Store

Endofluke 100 mg/ml Oral Suspension is an orally administered drench used for the treatment of liver fluke in cattle and sheep. Endofluke 100 mg/ml fluke drench for cattle and sheep will treat mature, immature and early immature liver fluke (fasciola hepatica). Endofluke’s active ingredient is triclabendazole which is the only active ingredient licensed in Ireland that has been proven to kill all three stages of liver fluke in sheep and cattle.

Paramectin products at Tuam Mart Store

For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange and sucking and biting lice of beef and non-lactating dairy cattle.
Gastrointestinal roundworms (adult and fourth stage larvae): Ostertagia ostertagi including inhibited larvae, Cooperia spp, Haemonchus placei, Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus colubriformis, Oesophagostomum radiatum, Strongyloides papillosus (adult), Trichuris spp (adult).
Lungworms (adult and fourth stage larvae): Dictyocaulus viviparus.
Eyeworms (adult): Thelazia spp Warbles (parasitic stages): Hypoderma bovis and H. lineatum
Mange mites: Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis and Chorioptes bovis.
Lice: Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus, Damalinia bovis and Solenopotes capillatus.