Tuam Mart Store for farm supplies in the West of Ireland

Tuam Mart Store

Tuam Mart Store is owned and managed by Tuam Co-operative Livestock Mart Ltd.
The store was setup in 2001.
The shop is located inside the mart yard, with access from three different entrances (Galway Road, Church View and Vicar Street).
There is ample parking in the mart yard for all size vehicles.
All goods can be delivered where required by our truck and mounty forklift.
The store carries a complete range of farm products from animal feeds, fertilizers, fencing, animal doses and farm seeds.

Animal Feeds

Animal feed at Tuam Mart Store


Fertilizer at Tuam Mart Store


Fencing at Tuam Mart Store

Animal Doses

Animal doses at Tuam Mart Store

Farm Seeds

Farm feeds at Tuam Mart Store


Miscellaneous products